What Few Days Off Can Do

by linawings

I always considered the 2-days weekend to be just not enough. That’s why when I need to take long weekends I like taking Mondays, Tuesdays… It works perfectly for me because I am a type of person who would usually have regrets on Sunday evenings for not fulfilling all the weekend plans and then.. comes the second chance on Monday.

That’s exactly what happened with my little escape these days. I could finish a couple of plans I have been making for ages but were awaiting at 90%.

These kitchen chairs from 60’s were wooden and rather worn out. I liked their design though. Now I painted them in my favourite bluish-greyish colour. I would like to add a bit of colour to the kitchen, it is coral and I decided to make cheerful bluish accents. I am waiting also for some wonderful fabrics from the Danish brand Stoff& Stil to build up on the blue-coral combination in the kitchen (thanks to my friend Emi who lives in Germany, because they don’t ship to Bulgaria) .

This patchwork tablecloth is also part of the kitchen refreshing. It takes quite some time to cut and put together around 100 pieces to a round base, but some mathematics and hints from V. to try the  trapezium shape made it. Some other patchwork stuff is on its way too.

I also managed to plant some tulips bulbs which were gift from Holland from Sve. They already had started to develop and it was quite time.

Preparation for spring.