Almost Missed the Beginning of the Spring

by linawings

I love to observe the nature awakening during spring, each day a new detail appearing. With the great weather this Friday, everything began to grow faster. I noticed only the tulips on the balcony though, I couldn’t go looking around for more because I was too involved with work. Fortunately I managed to squeeze in on Saturday late afternoon when the real weekend began for me with beautiful city walk with my friend Sve, catching some sun and being amazed with the people outburst on the streets. Bolder cloths’ colours, nicer shoes, louder laughs. Noticed also the first buds on the trees in the yard of  “Villa Rosice” confectionery. Could have missed it!

And today for the Sunday morning walk tradition with Vasko, I was in a playful mood, so took out a male shirt, put on a Gavrosh trousers, hat, pink cardigan and sneakers and felt quite myself after the busy working week and dealing with thousands of clients and projects. Visited the Lady’s Market in the downtown, hunting for some fresh vegetables. Noticed amazing details – architecture in decay though still splendid if you look longer, obviously some people in poverty live inside if you judge by the ropes with drying cloths. An old lady with market purse bag, the kind I haven’t seen since my childhood, currently looked stylishly vintage. Maybe can produce such model for me too. An old shop hopefully still functioning, with typography from socialist time announcing it mends all kind of musical instruments; and some new patches of paper on the shop window saying “guitar strings”, “accordion”, “violin”, etc. Visited this market hundreds of time, never noticed these details. Maybe finally should take Adi with me and hoping nobody will rob us, go around shooting. Or maybe wait till Momchi comes back to Sofia to provide moral and physical support.