“L’amore in citta” (1953)

by linawings

The movie “Love in the city” (1953) was a like finding a hidden treasure. I am not a classic B&W movies fan but I read in Garcia Marquez biography that he got inspired by this period in Italian cinema and considers the movie “Miracle in Milan” (1951) with screenplay by Cesare Zavattini the beginning of the so famous “magical realism”. Actually he adores Cesare Zavattini. And since I am a big fan of Marques, was curious to see some of these movies. “Miracle of Milan” was too naive for me, maybe I looked at it literally, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (1963) was a bit more understandable, but mainly comical, not that emotional, so I reached “Love in the city” which has much to offer for retro style fans such as me. I simply love the cloths from this period, although the girls look already much grown up even young, maybe because of their robust figure and curled hair. But how female every type of figure looks in nicely-fitting dress and shoes! Pay attention in the part “Italians watch” the vibrating music motive and a woman walking in a very tempting way. Beautiful! And the dialogue in the part with the prostitutes and about the bridal agency! You can see right away that the screenplay is masterly and has several layers behind the facts of the story although even the first plan is vivid and real. Exactly like the Marques’ style – he is a classic alive, Nobel laureate, but in South America his books are sold even in the newspapers’ stands – obviously they are understandable even for the average people although they are much more than the story being told.