Spring is an Unceasable Source of Wonder for Me

by linawings

Dear friends,

What is spring doing to you? Spring fatigue or enthusiasm awakening? Or don’t have time even to notice it?

Well, as a matter of fact I am constantly catching up, but spring cannot help but stop me here and there with little wonders. One morning recently while preparing for work I glimpsed at the cherry tree just in front of the window and for sure saw it still didn’t have a single blossom opened. And when I came home in the late afternoon…

Just within few hours out of nowhere so many new things appeared!

Then in the evening started a sudden snowfall and I brought in the Dutch tulips (bulbs were a present from Sve) which were also developing with speed light though at this moment they were still green and one cannot say which colour they will turn into. And then the next evening:

In spring so many important developments happen in no time, enormous creative drive co-exists all around. It is so tempting to slow down and even stop for a while amidst the daily frenzy and just absorb the bursting enthusiasm of Nature.