Need to Get Political These Days/ Сега трябва да сме политически активни

by linawings

For 17 days already tens of thousands of people participate in a peaceful protest  on the streets of my home town Sofia, Bulgaria. This is a protest against the corruption in politics and lack of democratic process which is supposed to push society’s development further and further. We feel we have lived enough in the parallel universes of all-is-allowed-for-some-people/ European values for normal life and development opportunities. Of course everybody has created his/ her own life and found some “islands of normality”, where we survive, but this is not enough already. We want new political course.

I am not able to photograph the protest and its thousand colourful faces. I cannot distance and observe from outside. But to feel how peaceful, positive, creative, brotherly the atmosphere is, I will give you only one example (taken with my mobile phone). The huge protests close some of the main transport arteries.  The city is friendlier now and I shout with delight while going downhill on my bike over one of the biggest boulevards on sunset. At the bottom maybe you will see the people gathered in the city’s center.


Спускането с колело по “Цариградско” на залез е неделима част от духа на протестите в София, които продължават вече 17ти ден. Да си изграждаме собствени “острови на нормалност” и да оцеляваме в тях, вече не ни е достатъчно. Искаме нов политически курс.

Нямам енергия да снимам многобройните цветни лица на протеста Не мога да се дистанцирам и да се превърна в страничен наблюдател. Но с удоволствие се възползвам от приятелски настроения град и се спускам с колелото си, крещейки от възторг.