Dear reader,

This is my space for sharing inspiration and love for all the beautiful details the surrounding world has to offer. I used to be an office person and maybe in a way I still remain one. But this is not all of it. Slowly and gradually I started finding my way to a more expressive occupation. Now it seems I quite find my place in a fast-developing company for furniture and interior design.

In the last few years I developed several strong interests: colours, interiors, photography, drawing, performance, hand-made creations. And I have always loved reading.

No matter that I perceive myself as a happy and satisfied person, part of me always looks around for something new, for new inspirations and stimuli. I am constantly open to changes. I believe in changes. I need excitement and opened senses to feel alive – even in the middle of the big city, even in the everyday.

I know sharing multiply it all. So nice to meet you. My name is Lina. I am 36 and live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Would be lovely to get knowing what are your creative kicks.

(Please be nice and don’t use my pictures without prior permission. Thank you!)